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Babystart Fertility Test

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  • An at-home screening test which can give an indication of fertility
  • Useful for women aged 30 or more, those approaching menopause or with irregular cycles.
  • Over 99% accurate
  • Convenient in-stream urine test
  • Simple to use, gives result after 5 minutes
  • Contains 2 tests

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The Babystart® Fertility Test is a rapid screening test that measures concentration of the hormone FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) in urine. Rising levels of FSH can be associated with reduced fertility, and this result may indicate the need to seek further medical advice to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Product Information

How does the Babystart® Fertility Test work?

There are many factors which affect a woman’s fertility, including hormone levels. The Follicle Stimulating Hormone, or FSH, maintains the regular function of a woman’s ovaries and sex hormones therefore is intimately involved with fertility.

FSH levels can be raised in women with irregular periods and will steadily rise as a woman gets older. As menopause approaches, the levels get particularly high and act as an early warning system.

The Babystart® Fertility Test can measure FSH levels to give an indication of whether, or when, reduced fertility may be present. This test is especially useful for women with irregular cycles or aged 30 or more.

With this test, a positive result suggests reduced fertility and/or peri-menopause and a doctor should be consulted.
In any case, you should not make any decision of medical relevance without consulting a medical practitioner.

Method & Specifications

The Babystart® Fertility Test is a rapid one step chromatographic immunoassay in midstream eco-strip format for the qualitative detection of FSH in urine to aid in the assessment of a woman’s fertility.

The test utilises a combination of antibodies including a monoclonal FSH antibody to selectively detect elevated levels of FSH.

When is the best time to test?

It is recommended to test using first morning urine, as it contains the most FSH and will give the most accurate result.  The test can be performed at any time during the month and repeated with the second test one week later. However it is best to avoid testing mid-cycle in order to avoid influence from fluctuating FSH levels right before or during ovulation.

The test is conducted by immersing the end of the midstream eco-strip in urine and obtaining the result from the red lines.

Health Information

Having trouble conceiving?

You’re not alone. Around 1 in 6 couples in Australia experience delays in trying to conceive, and many factors, including hormone and fertility levels may be part of the issue.

The Babystart® Fertility Test can help indicate whether low fertility may be an issue in conception, and provide valuable information to assist the diagnosis of a medical practitioner.

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